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The easiest and most cost effective way to get your medical marijuana card.


The  cost in Oklahoma is


This includes your virtual appointment ($50 due now), OMMA fees and personalized support  


The  cost in Mississippi is


This includes your in-person appointment ($199 due now) and personalized support  


The  cost in South Dakota is


This includes your virtual appointment ($159 due now) and personalized support  


  • Name 

  • Address located within state 

  • Phone Number 

  • Date of Birth (over 18)

  • Email address

  • Photo of self against white background, no hats (see examples)

  • Photo of front and back of Driver's License or State ID 

  • Photo of Medicare/Medicaid or state assistance card. 

About Us

We have helped thousands of people  get their medical marijuana cards through virtual visits with our state certified doctors.  Along with our top tier support throughout the process, there is no easier way to get your card. 

Our Services 



  • Adult Patient Recommendation 

  • Adult Patient Recommendation with caregiver 

  • Minor Patient Recommendation 

  • Minor Patient Recommendation with caregiver 

Caregiver's License

  • Parent for a child under 18

  • Child for elder parent 

  • Caretaker for disabled d person 


Our Promise 

What has made us successful and motivated over 85% of our customers to renew their card by using our services again is our PROMISE  to be with you every step of the process.  From beginning to end, you have a partner in us. 

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